What makes us stand out?

Probably the most innovative school management tool on the market.

Quick and simple

You do not have to waste your time searching for a function in the program, jumping from tab to tab, from window to window. Each tab can be quickly accessed from each window.

Easy customer management

Don't worry about the GDPR. It is enough to send the customer your link to the program and they will be able to enrol on their own, after accepting the terms and conditions as well as consents that you will define in the system. Everything in accordance with the GDPR.

Online classes. 1 click

Your student clicks on the camera icon in the program and that's it. It is very simple: without looking for rooms, sending links or creating additional accounts. Online lessons are integrated into the school calendar.

Ensure regular payments

DL PRO enables you to manage conveniently various types of payments: monthly subscription as well as payments in advance or in arrears for completed lessons. Check the payment status and text or email reminders.


Conveniently manage your school calendar and class registers for your teaching team. The program will remind you about missing substitutions, cancelled classes and any problems in the school calendar.

Easy branch management

No matter how big your school is, how many departments, groups and employees there are, DL PRO will make managing your school a pleasure. You can manage and analyze each branch separately.

Books online

Convenient access to online DLL coursebooks for teachers and students. Books can be used in the DL PRO program on a computer or smartphone.

Efficient communication

Contact your customers easily by sending emails and text messages directly from the program (texts are sent from your phone, so you do not incur any additional costs).

Exams and placement tests

Your students can take placement tests and exams online. You can seamlessly diagnose the student’s starting level when they enrol on your course and assess their progress on an ongoing basis.